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Web, Print, and Interactive Design

A few websites that I have recently designed include,, and so if you’re looking to scope out my coding skills they’re the best place to start! Typically, I design websites iteratively starting with initial wireframes and move to WordPress once I’m ready for development.

I’ve been designing for print for years so it’s impossible to highlight everything on a website! Below are a few recent invitations and some of my branding work (including brochures, event collateral, and postcards). I’ve designed, edited, and produced content for handbooks, annual reports, donation appeals, t-shirts, water bottles, bookmarks, balloons, honestly, you name it! I work with printers to ensure quality and have managed international mailing distribution lists many-a-time.

Digital Marketing

I consistently monitor my web and interactive designs to see how they are performing. I love exploring new landing pages, A|B testing different opt-in forms and social media button placements, and changing out photos and text to see if user patterns adjust accordingly. Design is always about the user and should adapt based on how they interact with your site or social profile!

Sending e-vites with trackable links, crafting the perfect email campaign, having a captivating social media strategy – these things are invaluable when it comes to encouraging people to engage with your brand online. There’s nothing more attractive than a brand that is consistent, recognizable, and knows how to communicate with their audience!

Content and Communications

My experience as a communicator is vast. I’ve been published in internationally distributed magazines and have spoken at conferences from Dublin to Los Angeles. Here are just a few presentations I have given: 

Growing Your Social Media Audience (Philadelphia, PA): This presentation highlighted specific ways to grow your audience on a variety of social media platforms. The audience was guided through a multi-step process of growing their audience, engaging their new followers, and creating dynamic relationships both online and offline.

Greater Philadelphia Area Directors Conference (November 2017)

An Invitation To Engage (Buffalo, NY): The Sisters of Mercy of the Americas are an international group of women who seek to promote five critical concerns: Women, Nonviolence, Immigration, Racism, and Earth. I had the opportunity to speak at their Chapter Conference on the topic of how to engage millennials in this mission.

Chapter Conference: The Sisters of Mercy of the Americas (June 2017)

How To Create An Engaging Online Presence (Los Angeles, CA): This presentation focused on the importance of implementing an online strategy, creating content to engage your audiences, and balancing your efforts among different online platforms including your website, email marketing, and social media.

Catholic Volunteer Network Conference (November 2016)

Finding Your Passion (Dublin, Ireland): This presentation focused on how young leaders can find their passion and contribute to society in a meaningful way. While presenting in Dublin, Ireland, I had the opportunity to engage with university students from around the world and begin discussions about their future goals. I highlighted my own career as a graphic designer for an international non-profit and my use of social media to engage in social justice issues.

The Young Mercy Leaders Conference (August 2016)

Below are a few examples of the type of written content I regularly produce. I can easily change my tone to more clearly match an organization’s preferred delivery and can confidently write about a variety of topics. If you are looking for specific samples of my work please email me at [email protected]

Social Media | Digital Marketing: Show, Don’t Tell: Creating An Engaging Online Presence
An ebook distributed as a follow-up to my presentation and training at conferences.

Social Justice: Mercy Legacy Thrives in Mercy Volunteer Corps
Published in Viva! Mercy Magazine in both English and Spanish and distributed internationally.

Travel and Fitness: Live Like a Local by Picking the Right Stay and Working Out While Traveling
These pieces are written as part of a happiness lifestyle blog.

Show Me The Visuals

Need some more visuals? Here are a few samples to highlight my skills in typography, illustration, interactive design, and branding collateral to name a few!

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